An artist at school

Un programme pour les écoles francophones et d’immersion française de l’Alberta !

À l’origine…

As part of its Un Artiste au Village project, which was remodeled due to the pandemic into Un Artiste à l'École, FrancoMusik Alberta proposed to Francophone schools in different regions of Alberta a virtual artistic collaboration between students and Francophone artists in Alberta.

From this collaboration, nine stunning videos where artists and students perform "separately together" were born. Students and their families were surprised to see these videos during their last week of school in June 2021. Afterwards, the entire community was able to enjoy them through our community partners, social media, and our YouTube channel.

With positive feedback and requests to repeat the project from teachers and principals, FrancoMusik Alberta has implemented either a face-to-face or virtual version for all francophone schools in the province as part of the PassepArt micro grant.

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