FrancoMusik Alberta Association

The provincial Gala for French Music, 1989. From left to right: George Blondheim, Crystal Plamondon, Yvon Loiselle (back), Lori-Lee Turcotte, Josée Lajoie, Mike Lent, Tom Foster et Gord McCrostie. PHOTO : COURTESY OF RONALD TREMBLAY

Une jeune organisation qui a une longue histoire !

Initially created in 1988 under the name “Société du Gala Albertain de la chanson” (SGAC), the organization planned and produced, until 2014, the “Gala Albertain de la chanson”, an annual gala of francophone song in Alberta. This gala was then taken over by the “Centre de développement musical” (CDM) and became the emerging artists competition, “Polyfonik”. The SGAC was also in charge of another event taken over by the CDM in 2016, the “Chant'Ouest” gala.

In 2018, a new team was put in place to reorient the organization, reformulating its mandate to focus on a very specific aspect of its initial mandate: the development of Franco-Albertan culture and identity through the growth of professional francophone artists in Alberta.

Since then, the SGAC has become the FrancoMusik Alberta Association. With a new brand image, it is now involved in the development of collaborative artistic projects, involving professional francophone artists from Alberta and various community groups, such as seniors, young people, newcomers, etc., in order to contribute to the dynamism and development of the Alberta Francophonie.

Our Mandat

1. Offrir du soutien et des ressources aux artistes afin qu’ils réalisent leur plein potentiel.
2. Sensibiliser les communautés aux produits artistiques francophones en organisant des événements et en développant des projets de qualités dans toute la province.
3. Établir des ponts entre les artistes et leurs communautés afin de contribuer activement à la construction identitaire et culturelle.

Our Vision
Our Mission

A dynamic, inculsive and blooming albertan french-speaking community, with a strong cultural and artistic sense of belonging.

The FrancoMusik Alberta Association promotes professional francophone musical artists in Alberta. On the one hand, it offers support and resources to artists so that they can reach their full potential. On the other hand, it raises awareness of Francophone artistic products by organizing events and developing quality projects across the province. By building bridges between artists and their communities, the FrancoMusik Alberta Association contributes to the construction of identity and culture.

Our Values

Our interactions with others reveal a constant and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles.

To achieve common goals, we take into account the needs of each individual and adopt a personalized approach.

We encourage plurality in all its forms by welcoming differences. We recognize that people who are different from each other are a source of wealth.


We feel strongly connected to our cultural and artistic community and work for its interests.

Our actions allow everyone to contribute to our organization and actively participate in our activities. We accept people regardless of their ideas and backgrounds.

Team and Board of Directors

Executive Director

Pénélope Gaultier

[email protected]


Jacynthe Arsenault

Vice President

Joanne Lamoureux


Valérie Faucon


Caroline Maillet-Rao


Said Madav

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