Flying Festival

« An array of dance demonstrations and initiations mixed with musical performances by emerging and professional Francophone and multicultural artists from Alberta. A Del Mundo market that showcases crafts from around the world as well as French language services offered by our community partners. » This is the substance of the FrancoFusion festival!

This unique annual event aims to celebrate the multiculturalism of Alberta's Francophonie, showcase our local artists while involving as many community players as possible in order to energize Edmonton's Francophone cultural and associative life.

Typical festival programming!!
The festival offers for 3 days, free daytime activities among which:
- dance workshops (African, rock, salsa, tango, etc.)
- a market "Del Mundo" (of the world) bringing together products from different cultures of the world and exhibiting associations offering services in French.
The highlight of the festival remains, however, the 2 large evenings "Fusion", paying shows where our artists come to interpret their own songs rearranged for the occasion in musical styles that lend themselves to dance (jazz swing, rock, tango, salsa, etc.). A few initiations and dance demonstrations will help the public to warm up between sets.

The first edition, "Flavors Del Mundo" (2019), had brought together nearly fifty local music and dance artists, more than 15 different nationalities and over 350 people over the three days.

While each year the festival takes on a different theme, its vision will remain the same from one edition to the next, namely, multicultural fusion of music and dance that builds bridges between Edmonton's different language and cultural communities while raising awareness among these audiences of Alberta's professional francophone artists.


The Best of FrancoFusion 2019

Le Meilleur de FrancoFusion 2021 par Sydner Sanscartier

Le Meilleur de FrancoFusion 2019 par Élise Chandra

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